Adsense Pin Approval : An Alternative method

I have been one of many who have suffered from Adsense pin approval problem. Adsense is an ad publishing program by Google. It is among the largest Ad publishing companies on the Internet. Getting an approved Adsense account is itself a challenging job.

Adsense asks you to verify your address after you reach the minimum threshold of $10. For this, it sends a PIN using an ordinary post. Adsense is headquartered at the USA, so people outside the USA generally suffer problems of non-delivery of PIN.

Reservation system in Engineering

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CBSE grace marking : A curse for me

In all the post till date, I have never criticized CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) but today I am forced to do so when an unjust happened to me. I love the way life teaches us lesson. Till you don't fall you don't realise where you stand.

Disclaimer: I still respect the CBSE board for the hardwork they do for us. I am just telling you what happened to me.

Why Modi's government would be a failure?

Narendra Modi has been one of the most influential leader of all time. He has been a maseha for severals promising development and growth. But the question is "Will Modi deliver what is promised by him and his Bharatiya Janata Party?"

This article would explain some key areas where Modi Sarkar(Government) would fail.

Why uniforms are necessary for schools?

A dictionary defines the concept of uniform as a dress of same material, style and colour worn by a group of people. Several schools around the world maintains a uniform just as a part of discipline. But many western schools do not.

Why should not we conserve oil and gas?

"Why should not we conserve oil and gas?". You mean why should we right. Wrong! I would give you some points on why shouldn't we conserve petroleum.

This article is purely from debate point of view. So, readers are requested not to apply these facts in daily life.

Is China's one child norm helpful for the country ?

Chinese population rose by leaps and bound during the second half of twentieth century. Thus Chinese government adopted one child norm to help the population. Under this social norm, a couple is allowed to have only one child. Dramatically, the growth of population dropped to less than 0.5% per year. 

But is this norm really helpful for the Chinese economy. How would it effect Chinese future? To answer this question let us first take a look at the China's current population age group :