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Top 10 Bollywood Movies of 2012

Before that, I would like to mention that this is just my list of Top 10, it has no relation to actual Top 10 movies, it depends on you how you judge a movie. The movies mentioned in this list are judged by all around facts and not just Highest-grossing. Also, Life of Pi (starring Irrfan Khan) is a Brilliant movie but it is a Hollywood movie so does not belong to this list.

Facebook tricks to extract Friend's hidden Email ID

Have your friends hidden their Email ID from their Timeline ? And you want to extract a friend's email ID but don't know how to do that ? I have experimented Days and Nights with Facebook and at last got a trick to get Friend's Email ID. Before giving you the steps I would like to discuss some warnings.

If you want to extract friend's Email ID to hack his account, then you are definitely wasting your time. Facebook has revenues in Billions of USD. It can employee world's best engineers and scientist to protect someone's account.
This trick has worked successfully and thoroughly tested on 31st of December 2012. Facebook keeps advancing its technologies to protect user's Privacy. So, there's no guarantee on how long this trick will work.
Now lets begin with our process
Step 1 : Create a Account in Yahoo! Mail (optional )

This step is not necessary if you already have Yahoo Mail ID. To Create a new ID follow these steps :

1. Click here to open Yahoo Reg…

12 Best way to Protect your Facebook Account and Prevent your Accout from being Hacked

Who knows the secret to prevent your Facebook Account from being Hacked. Definitely the Facebook itself and a Hacker. I have been trying to hack several accounts on Facebook. So today I am sharing 12 secrets on how to secure your Facebook Account. Actually these are also the 12 ways to Hack Facebook Account.

Execute PHP from .html or extensionless file :: Step-by-step instructions for Apache and IIS servers

If your website is receiving very huge traffic and your website deals with high use of web-programming or server-side scripting then it is a very good idea to hide the Scripting language you use. For example if you use PHP, which is very vulnerable to security attacks, you can use it in extensionless file. If the extension (.php, .php3, .php5) is not visible to web browsers then it is really helpful.

Today I am sharing on how to add a web.config or .htaccess file to the root of your web server to make server execute PHP in .html, .htm or even in extensionless files.

For Linux and Windows Servers running Apache
PHP is a very famous scripting language to be used under Apache servers.

To enable your server to run PHP from .html or other extension files, follow these steps :
1. Login to your Hosting Provider and open FTP File Manager.

2. At the root Directory create a file .htaccess . You see the file has no name but only extension. If your web provider does not allow this file to be created, t…

Brain Drains :: Pros and Cons of Brain Drains

Brain Drains are those graduates or post graduates or diplomats who leave their own country and migrate to another in search of better job opportunity and higher lifestyle. Many people think that Brain Drain is betraying one's own country. On the other hand people also think that Brain Drain is necessary as it helps to get their family better foreign resources.

Major Problems of Indian society

I have been experimenting from a lot days and found out a few drawbacks of Indian society.

Before reading this post, make yourself mentally strong as some points may hurt you. The main purpose of this post is not to ridicule the Indian society but to point out the drawbacks and provide ways to correct them.

Unique affinity towards money
This seems to be the biggest problem of people. They won't do anything unless they are paid for it. Most of them are very selfish that make them dishonest and corrupted even after paid high.

Money is not everything. Its the passion and dedication in their work for which they are paid that makes us a billionaire. 

Who are rich or poor ?
Many people have a common conviction that people having rich lifestyle are miraculous balance in their bank account are considered rich and vice versa.

Truth is that the people who are open-minded and thinks very differently, honest to their work and have moral thoughts could be called rich and vice-versa.

Bad marriage sy…

How to avoid error while writing program/codes ? Avoid errors in PHP, Javascript, ASP, JQuery, C++, Java etc.

Programmers deal with a lot of errors in their programs. They face these errors mainly due to clumsy programming. Today I am sharing some tips to be more efficient to write complex programs and codes.

Hope this article will help you.

Before writing Codes Before writing complex code you need to do the following :

Learn more maths

Open a Maths book and solve some logical question. This is in fact the very first thing to do before writing complex programs. If you don't have enough logical mental ability you won't be able to write proper program.

Draw proper flowcharts or pen down algorithms

Before writing proper script draw a flowchart explaining what will be the elements in your program. The flowchart must contain finalized structure of your program. Once you have built your flowchart you can write your program according to it.

Install  a color editor

Want to test for errors while writing programs? Best way to do it is by using Color editor. They will color syntax up, check each and e…

Hollywood vs Bollywood || Hollywood film earn much more than the Bolllywood films

Ever wondered why Hollywood movies earn over 100 million USD whereas Bollywood movies have failed to earn even 100 million USD. I have did some investigation and tabulated the difference.

Tabulated Difference
HollywoodBollywoodA few films about 100 are produced in Hollywood. Out of the 100, 80 are good. Since very few films are released so each film is very original, creative and idealistic thus positively acclaimed by major Critics. Thus more people prefer to watch Hollywood, one of the major reason why Hollywood movies gross over 100 million USD. Over 1000 of films are produced in Bollywood out of which 900 are flawed. Most of the Bollywood movies are limited to our own country and thus can't gain International status. Indian films lacks originality. Mostly Indian people only watch Bollywood movies.Hollywood movies are released all over the world. Their movies are of High Budget and take rights to release the film in almost all the country. Thus they are able to earn moreBollywoo…

What is Credit or Debit Card ? How does it works ?

Many people wonder what exactly is credit or debit card ? How it works ? How we can transact money from any ATM all around world ? What is MasterCard or Visa ?

I will answer all these questions in this post. Being a 10th grade student, I won't be able to give you excessive details about this.
Credit Cards
Credit, in the most simple term, means providing someone with resource in form of money, capital or finished goods with an agreement to pay back the amount to settle that transaction with or without interest. Different banks have different arrangements and Rates to offer credit.

Credit cards are a way to get credit from your bank or other financial institution. Once you use your credit card to avail a transaction of say ₨ 2000, then the banks will keep a record of the credit taken by you and charge you interests in form of monthly or annual bills.
Debit Cards
Debit is just the reverse of Credit. It means to provide someone with resource in form of money, capital or finished goods with…

Add a Domain whois to your website using PHP

Want to add a domain whois to your site. Here is the step-by-step instruction I provide :

Difficulty level : Easy.

Prerequisite knowledge : PHP 5

A web server supporting PHP 5 or higher.A google recaptcha account. Step 1 : Get a Google Recaptcha for your site if you don't have one. Google Recaptcha is a global tool to stop spam. It is used in over 2 million sites to test if the application generating request is operated by Human or Program. This is very useful as a Robot or a Bot cannot interpret distorted text in a image.

If you are setting up a whois program on your website, it is absolutely necessary to add a Captcha to prevent spamming. If you have an account for your website then get the public and private keys directly from here.

If you don't have a account then follow these steps to get one :

If you are not logged it to your google account then Login.
Visit here and enter the domain name click create key.

Now you will get the public and private key.

Step 2 : Downlo…

Use of Pirated software is illegal ! Piracy in India

Though I tried my best to include my own original content, some ideas in this page is taken from the book Foundation of Information Technology by Sumita Arora, Dhanpat Rai Publication
In simple terms piracy means unauthorized duplication of softwares, movies, music and other without the knowledge or written permission of the owner.
Although most computers are aware of the fact that unauthorized use and duplication of software is illegal, yet general disregard is shown towards treating the software as valuable intellectual property.

As we all know piracy is very common to India. We can see pirated softwares, music CDs, games etc. spread all around the city. Currently India is reported to be the second most pirated-software seller nation in the world after China.

Common forms of Piracy :
Softlifting : It refers to purchasing a single licensed copy of a software and loading it into several other computers contrary to the license terms. For e.g Sharing licensed software with friends, co-…

You can't CHANGE anything ??

Here I present a beautiful thought on change :

" When I was a young child I wanted to change the world,  I found it was difficult to change the world, So I tried to change my nation. When I found I couldn't change the nation. I began to focus on my city, I couldn't change my town and as an adolescent man I tried to change my family. Now, as an Adult man, I realize the only thing I can change is MYSELF. and suddenly, I realized that, I could have made an impact on my family, My family and I could have ,made an impact on our town, Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world. "
Change is very long and a natural process. The world cannot run in the way you want but you need to run in the way the world would. Just try to change yourself and you would see the world changing.

Internet competition and stratergy for survival

Today I am going to discuss the best way to survive in this e-world of extreme competition. This is much more important for web developers who rely on the Internet to earn their living.

Who are the Senior players of the Internet
Major senior players on the Internet are the sites which was created during the period of 1990-2000. These sites include Google, Yahoo, Cnet, and many others. They were able to get a better domain name and hosting services due to less competition to space on the web and today after 15-20 years they have emerged as top sites of the world.

Every Information is already available on the webSearch something in Google and not able to get a million result is difficult to find. Every information on every topic is already available on the Internet. Thus to even write a new article you have to face competition.
All the best ideas are already taken
Almost all the major ideas are already taken over. Now it is very difficult to dig for new ideas. Building a site based on the s…

Should we buy Foreign goods, Should we buy goods produced by a Multinational Company (MNC)

This is the question that has been prompting me for several days and I know many of you too. So, Today I am posting a brief view of buying and selling of foreign views.

Favorable reasons for buying foreign goods :
Certain company tend to open their branches in almost every part of the world. Some of the popular brands include Pepsi, Rolex,Coco-cola, KFC and many more. Mainly all the beverages, food manufacturing and others get their job of manufacturing and selling done by local traders. This creates large employment oppurtunities for local people. If no one will buy goods of these companies it will ruin of the employed people. Generally the companies get the trading rights from the government and sell under their company named followed by the country name. For example, A Rolex company in China will be called Rolex China and get most of their work done by the chinese people. If the company is eroded by people not buying their goods, many of its local workers will also effected.
It takes …

CBSE vs ICSE - Which is better ??

A frequent debate that goes in Indian Education System is Which of the board is better CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) or ICSE( Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) ??

There are two very different boards of education catering to the academic sector in India, and these are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). Although the subjects taught in both boards are the same, choosing the right board is essential because this can play a significant role in the student’s future. Indians lay a lot of importance on education and knowledge, and the age old debate on choosing the right board ofeducation is bound to crop up in every household sooner or later.

Each board of education has its own set of pros and cons, and parents will have to make a calculated move taking their children’s strengths into consideration, as their future can be shaped only based on their interests.

CBSE proves to be betterCBSE is repeatitive. It  rep…