12 Best way to Protect your Facebook Account and Prevent your Accout from being Hacked

Who knows the secret to prevent your Facebook Account from being Hacked. Definitely the Facebook itself and a Hacker. I have been trying to hack several accounts on Facebook. So today I am sharing 12 secrets on how to secure your Facebook Account. Actually these are also the 12 ways to Hack Facebook Account.

Step 1 : Secure your Email

The most foremost thing to do is to secure your Email associated with Facebook Account. If you are going to sign up for a Email ID, choose a Email ID that others can't guess. If you have created a Email ID on Gmail, turn on 2-step verification. If you have created your Email ID on Ymail! then choose such security question and answers that others can't even guess. Don't keep more than 1 Email ID with Facebook. The more the Email ID you use the more the chance of getting your account hacked.
The best way to choose a Email is based on a domain other than popular Web-based Email services. Buy a domain yourname.com and then use the email you@yourname.com. This is in fact very secure.


Step 2 : Choose a strong Security Question and Answer

It is the most simplest way to secure your account and also the most simplest way to get your account hacked. Facebook has only 5 question available to set your security question. If you are choosing place of birth, try to include state, country and pin code in the answer. If you are choosing grandfather's name or class teacher name or something similar, include first name, surname and title as well in your answer.


Step 3 : Hide your Email ID and Phone number from your Timeline

If a person knows your Email ID and Phone Number, he/she has done 50 % job to hack your account. Go to your info and change the Email and Phone number setting from "Public" to "Only Me". You will reduce 50 % chances of getting your account hacked.


Step 4 : Login Frequently

Have frequent logins to your Facebook account. Even if your account gets hacked, if you login frequently you would be able to at least lock your account to protect your Privacy. 


Step 5 : Turn on Secure Browsing and Login Notifications

Go to accounts setting, navigate to Security and click on Secure Browsing (https://facebook.com), check the secure browsing check box and Press Enter. This enables SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) on your account through which Sensitive Information traveling between your computer and Server is Protected.

Step 6 : Turn on Login Notifications

Follow the same step as above and turn on Login Notifications. Facebook will now Text you on your Phone number whenever unrecognized devices Login to your Facebook Account.


Step 7 : Prevent Keylogging

Keylogging refers to tracking of keyboard inputs. Use a powerful antivirus such as Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 which can detect invalid applications and keep you secure. Also Always scan any third party pen drives or SD cards


Step 8 : Don't let others use your phone or your SIM

Even if somebody asks you your phone registered with Facebook, Don't give it away even if how much you trust them. They can easily hack your account this way.


Step 9 :  Beware of Phising or Spamming

Phising refers to creation of such a Page exactly similar to a page that carries sensitive information. Always check address bar before logging in if the address is http://facebook.com or not. If the page is already open, close the window open a new one and type the complete address. This is because some expert hackers like me set the address of page that does not corresponds to the page. Suppose you will see the address a http://facebook.com but actually D:\facebook.html will be opened. 

Never use Widgets offered by several websites. They enter your Browser as a add-on and send each and every data entered to their corresponding site databases.

Spamming refers to mailing someone something that asks for sensitive information such as password or credit card number. Never respond to emails that asks your Facebook Email ID and Password even if the mail is from support@facebook.com. Such mails are automatically generated by server Scripts.


Step 10 : Change Password Frequently

It is a very good habit to keep changing your Password. Not only Facebook, keep changing the passwords of your Email ID too. Your Password must be newly generated and contain Capital letters, numbers and special characters. It must be 10 to 20 chars in length.


Step 11 : Never use Apps that are suspicious

Facebook has introduced over 100000s of Apps, most of them owned by Private People. Never give away personal Information such as Email ID or Phone number to them. Such Apps tend to be useful, but they have no use of your Email ID. They only use it for wrong purposes.


Step 12 : Never add friends that you don't recognize

Saw a Hot Girl and thought to add her as your friend. Do you know she could be a Hacker ? Always ask your friend whether they have sent you a friend request really or not. Never send friend request to someone you don't know.


There's still no Guarantee !!

Facebook has introduced two new ways to recover your Account. By recognizing Friends in photos they were tagged in and Getting codes from friends. This methods, though useful, are very vulnerable to security attacks. A close friend can easily make guesses and get into the account.

But Facebook is not a Hacker's play, it has such Security that no other website have. Follow the above mentioned 12 steps to keep you Facebook account Long-running.

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