Brain Drains :: Pros and Cons of Brain Drains

Brain Drains are those graduates or post graduates or diplomats who leave their own country and migrate to another in search of better job opportunity and higher lifestyle. Many people think that Brain Drain is betraying one's own country. On the other hand people also think that Brain Drain is necessary as it helps to get their family better foreign resources.


Brain Drain is good

1. Effect on globalization : Brain Drain have a positive effect on the globalization. It helps to connect economies of the world even faster. Economy in form of money is invested all around the world that helps the poorer nation to develop.

2. Equalizing Population : One of the major point. If population is unevenly distributed in two countries, then migration will help equalize the population.

3. Better opportunity : People who migrate generally have a better opportunity to express innovative ideas as American and European nations also cheer innovation and bright minds. In India it is almost impossible.

4. Benefit to the people : Those who migrate get a better lifestyle and job opportunity. At the same time their family members are also benefited.

5. Take this whole world as a nation to benefit Humanity : Many people has a misconception that Brain Drain hinders a one's own country's development. But just think if you serve your nation then the people of your nation is only benefited but if you serve the world the whole of humanity is benefited.

6. It is quite natural phenomenon : Brain Drain is not the latest phenomenon. It already existed in the ancient world. For example : Migration of people from rural areas to urban area is also a kind of Brain Drain.


Brain Drain is very Bad

1.  Most of the migrates generally migrate to America or Europe. This is because these are such nation who want to spend money to educate the migrates that, in return, will help in their development. This option is not available in our country. That is why our country is lagging behind in terms of Innovative ideas.

 2. We took the education from the government. The government spent billions of rupee on education to get better results and help in development. If you leave your own country after that it is certainly a betray to your own country.

3. If Brain Drain crosses its limit, it will definitely hinders country's development. On the other hand it will excessively benefit the migrating nation.


Steps to be taken to check Brain Drain

1. Expansion of factories/industries : Government need to lower tariff taxes on external merchants so that they can set up their industries in India. This is definitely generate employment opportunities. Moreover MNCs offer better payments which is the major demand of skilled people.

2. Rapid development of Economy : A boost in development will help to boost up economy. Better economy will lead to better salary for educated employees. Also, it will help many foreign investors to invest in our Country. Ones our country is fully developed, we will start attracting Foreign Brain Drains !

3. Control over Population : One of the major steps. Less population will increase demand for skilled labors.

4. Better working conditions : A well-qualified skilled engineer or doctor or scientist or economists will definitely demand for better lifestyle. Better working condition will surely check Brain Drains.

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  1. Nice...but matter against brain drain is not sufficient...thrr t are many strong points against brain drain..


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