CBSE vs ICSE - Which is better ??

A frequent debate that goes in Indian Education System is Which of the board is better CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) or ICSE( Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) ??

There are two very different boards of education catering to the academic sector in India, and these are CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). Although the subjects taught in both boards are the same, choosing the right board is essential because this can play a significant role in the student’s future. Indians lay a lot of importance on education and knowledge, and the age old debate on choosing the right board ofeducation is bound to crop up in every household sooner or later.

Each board of education has its own set of pros and cons, and parents will have to make a calculated move taking their children’s strengths into consideration, as their future can be shaped only based on their interests.

CBSE proves to be better


  • CBSE is repeatitive. It  repeats the same course of study in each class or the next. This helps the student to thoroughly memorise the chapter that they study. For example, if there is a chapter named "Industrial Revolution" to be studied in class 4, the same will be taught again in class 6 or 7 with slight extra, so that children could have a revision of it.

  •  The course material of CBSE is very systematic. It goes from very basic level to higher level. This makes it very easy to study. Thats make CBSE a very easy to study, very necessary far children weaker in studies. The CBSE syllabus is a cumulative syllabus. 

  • Study courses of CBSE is not so detailed as in ICSE. That do not waste the time of student even if he / she opts out of a course. For example, if a student wants to aim for commerce in 11th grade, then he has to only read the very basic science, maths or history as required in life whereas in ICSE he has to study a lot of science and maths that will not be required in any future study.

  • After the introduction of CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), CBSE has become a gift to students. Now they will be rated in all fields including art, sports, behaviour and not just in the field of Study.

  • CBSE study course is very up-to-date. It is always updated by the board. Latest facts, recent studies and discoveries are always added in the next year of print. In ICSE, it is not so. They follow a older course of study.

  • It satisfies parents, teachers as well as students one way or the other.

  • CBSE course is very useful for competitive exams. Major competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NDA, etc. are designed on the basis of CBSE pattern

There definitely must be something I have missed that CBSE better course to study in.

Alas! CBSE has its own limits

 Source of this section
  •  The students who study in CBSE boards are less smarter as compared to kids studying in ICSE boards.

  • Not much focus is laid on inculcating practical knowledge in students. The CBSE syllabus also does not lay as much emphasis on core English knowledge as its counterpart does, choosing to lay more importance on the disciplines of mathematics and science.

  • The subjects in a CBSE syllabus are approached in a theoretical manner, and true emphasis is not laid on real-life concepts behind the science. Although the syllabus is application oriented, it does not provide room for effective understanding.

ICSE Pros : 

  •  Children studying in ICSE board are able to compete better in field of management and international studies, i.e, ICSE prepares children for International Competiton.

  • Students studying in ICSE school get international status.

  • ICSE course is deeper and lengthier that help student to have a better knowledge on a particular subject.

What do I prefer ??


I have studied both the courses and truely speaking I had really liked CBSE because it was so easy and I got so much time to do something else apart from studies. I feel CBSE is better than ICSE.
It all depends on you what you choose. Which course do you prefer?? Mention in Comments


  1. Every one has different opinions. ICSE and CBSE both have its own advantages and disadvantages. I will not praise any of the board though I am an ICSE student. I wanted to put forward a question " I am opting for commerce with maths in 11th standard. Which board should go for ?". Most of your blog speaks in favour of CBSE board and I am pretty sure that you would recommend me the same but I wanted to know the advantages for a "commerce" student if she opts CBSE board.
    Lately I have been searching for the same question and I did not get the right answer.
    I was just going through the comments and I read the first two. The blogger said "You have studied from ICSE board and still you have so many errors in your English. " Yeah it is right that ICSE student's english is good but every board has different kind of students some are good in english some in mathematics and so on.You cannot blame the board for that. No offence just a question. It is a humble request please answer my question as soon as possible.

    1. Thank you for the advice.
      I will definitely think about it.


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