Facebook tricks to extract Friend's hidden Email ID

Have your friends hidden their Email ID from their Timeline ? And you want to extract a friend's email ID but don't know how to do that ? I have experimented Days and Nights with Facebook and at last got a trick to get Friend's Email ID. Before giving you the steps I would like to discuss some warnings.


  • If you want to extract friend's Email ID to hack his account, then you are definitely wasting your time. Facebook has revenues in Billions of USD. It can employee world's best engineers and scientist to protect someone's account.

  • This trick has worked successfully and thoroughly tested on 31st of December 2012. Facebook keeps advancing its technologies to protect user's Privacy. So, there's no guarantee on how long this trick will work.

Now lets begin with our process

Step 1 : Create a Account in Yahoo! Mail (optional )

This step is not necessary if you already have Yahoo Mail ID. To Create a new ID follow these steps :

1. Click here to open Yahoo Registration Page.

2. Fill in all the details properly. Remember don't create a Fake account. Register properly to successfully go on to next step.

3. Once the account is Created then login to your mail.
Step 2 : Add your Yahoo! Mail ID to Facebook ( Optional )

1. Login to your Facebook Account.

2. Go to Account settings.

This is located in upper right corner of FB home page

3. In the general setting Nav Bar, Click on Email Setting.

4. Click on "Add another email" link and type the new Yahoo Mail ID created in the Text Box. Type your Password and click "Save Changes".

Enter the Yahoo ID in the New Email box

5. Facebook will definitely send a confirmation to your Email. Go to your Yahoo Mail and confirm the Email ID by clicking the link sent.

6. Done. You have linked your Facebook account to Yahoo! Email ID.

Step 3 : Import Facebook Friends Contact

1. Go to your Yahoo! Mail.

2. Click on the Contacts Tab.

3. On the right frame there must be a button to Import Contacts. Click it. If it does not appear try to find it. It must be somewhere there.

4. Once you have clicked it, you will be redirected to choose your option. Click on the Facebook Logo.

Yahoo Import Contact Page

5. A pop-up window opens with Facebook. You need to login if you are not logged in.

6. Click on the Okay button on the next page.

Click Ok Button

7. Now the Yahoo Page must automatically redirect. Depending on your number of friends, it will take a few minutes.

Now if you need someone's Email ID, just go to Contacts tab and search with the friends name. You will his/her Email ID. Remember Facebook does not allow to to add all Email ID but most of it. I have about 90 friends and imported about 86.

If you encounter any error, please mention in comments..


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