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How to learn Kungfu?? Different stages to learn Kungfu

Kungfu as we all know is a very famous form of Martial arts originating more than 5000 years ago. Kungfu is believed to be the most disciplined martial arts of the world. Many people have a misconception that Kungfu is all about being physically strong and knowing to hit anyone with desperate force. It is far more than that.

Having control on our Mind

A human mind is the most powerful structure in Human body. It is whatever that makes you think, imagine, make decision and controls senses of what is good or bad. The first to do to learn Kung fu is to have control over your mind. If you have complete control over your mind then you have learned about 20 % Kungfu.

Having control on your mind lets you to take better decision and be more honest and truthful. It is one of the most important thing that a modern Human misses. Ask yourself ! Is this world really the way we see it ? Am I really reading this blog ??

Different Brain Training Program

Next major step to learn Kung fu is by various Brain Training Program. Most of us eventually where we have kept our house keys or a important file or cell phones. We are always distracted by unstable thoughts of our mind. Sometimes we can't take quick decision which is always wrong. So sharpening your brain is very necessary to be fast and more reactive.

Some Brain Training Program includes :


Memory Test
  1. Recalling the Locations of Objects
  2. Learning new subjects quickly and accurately
  3. Remembering names after the first introduction
  4. Keeping tract of several ideas at the same time.
  1. Improving productivity and precision at work or home.
  2. Concentrating while learning new things.
  3. Avoiding Distractions. ( Very Important ).
  4. Maintaining focus on important tasks all day.
  1. Adapting to changing environment.
  2. Speeding up conginitive processes
  3. Reacting Quickly ( Very Important )
  4. Accurate Decision making in a limited time.
  1. Communicating clearly.
  2. Thinking openly.
  3. Avoiding errors.
  4. Multitasking Quickly ( Very Important ).

Problem Solving
  1. Making quick and accurate estimation.
  2. Dissecting complex arguments.
  3. Determining the best course of action.
  4. Calculating figures in your head.


Focus! Focus! and Focus !

This seems to be very simple but it one of the toughest job to learn Kung fu. We generally can't concentrate completely on one job completely. Our mind easily distracts from the task. This reduces our speed and forces us to commit some faults in the task

Concentrating on a single task at a time is a very important remedy. It helps to increase our speed and avoid distractions hence decreasing our reacting time. Take a spoon and try to bend it using your mind as in The Matrix!!

 Being highly Discipline and Defensive

One of an important step to learn Kung fu is to be discipline. Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to motivate oneself in spite of a negative emotional state. Qualities associated with self-discipline include willpower, hard work, and persistence. Have extreme control on your anger.

In simple terms Defense is protection of oneself from outer attacks. You must always be ready for all the harms that other can cause. Only defense, Never try to hit the one hitting you. If you hit him you will be using Karate or other martial arts instead of Kungfu as Hitting others is never a part of Kung fu.

Final step : Learn some Self Defensives

Personally I feel this is the not a very necessary step because the people who learns the above mentioned steps can never take up fights that I guarantee you. But it is necessary if you are involved in fights to save others.

Check out manuals and videos that help you to learn self - defensives. Practice long with all major techniques of Karate and experiment with the history of Kung fu.Make your body fit and healthy. Have regular visits to Gym. Have a hand to hand friendly trainings with your friends or brothers ( But don't hit them hard ). When you fight, try to use your feet as much as you use your hands. Unleash the full potential of your limbs.

Some warnings after learning the self Defensives are :
  • Be careful when embarking on any training of any sort. Always be aware of the risks and hazards before starting.
  • Don't show off. If your main aim of learning Kung Fu is to show off to others, you are better off not to train yourself with self defensives.
  • Don't start hurting people once you've learned Kung Fu. Kung Fu should only be used for self defense only.

Have Patience

Very Important. You will not be able to learn Kung fu completely within a night or so. It will take several years of practice to learn Kung fu. Then too there is no guarantee that you will definitely learn Kung fu. Everyone can just try to learn Kung fu even if you are Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan.

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