Internet competition and stratergy for survival

Today I am going to discuss the best way to survive in this e-world of extreme competition. This is much more important for web developers who rely on the Internet to earn their living.







Who are the Senior players of the Internet

Major senior players on the Internet are the sites which was created during the period of 1990-2000. These sites include Google, Yahoo, Cnet, and many others. They were able to get a better domain name and hosting services due to less competition to space on the web and today after 15-20 years they have emerged as top sites of the world.

Every Information is already available on the web

Search something in Google and not able to get a million result is difficult to find. Every information on every topic is already available on the Internet. Thus to even write a new article you have to face competition.

All the best ideas are already taken

Almost all the major ideas are already taken over. Now it is very difficult to dig for new ideas. Building a site based on the same existing technique is of no use and there is no guarantee that you will receive heavy traffic even after expensive sponsors.

Best ways to Compete and emerge as a Internet Superpower

  1. Think of something new and very innovative. Give a reason to the visitors to visit your site again. Your site should have superbly unique content.
  2. Don't try to build a website solely. Try to gather 200-300 developers or writers together to build a powerful website.
  3. Target audiences of different locality. Sponsor expensive advertisement. You have to bear the cost of huge losses at first.
  4. Have patience. It will take years ranging from 10 - 15  years to become famous and receive more than million unique monthly visitors.

Don't want to compete? Then Join the existing Superpowers

Many people don't like to compete to grow. The only solution is to join the existing big websites and grow up their empires. In fact this is one of the reason the big sites go on expanding exponentially.

Many job positions are offered by Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other sites. You could join any one of them as a web developer or a article writer. Google Adsense, Facebook Inc. need many smart brains of the world to improve their technologies.

The same strategy too applies to Small-scale businessman to face huge competition in their world of business.


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