Major Problems of Indian society

I have been experimenting from a lot days and found out a few drawbacks of Indian society.

Before reading this post, make yourself mentally strong as some points may hurt you. The main purpose of this post is not to ridicule the Indian society but to point out the drawbacks and provide ways to correct them.


Unique affinity towards money

This seems to be the biggest problem of people. They won't do anything unless they are paid for it. Most of them are very selfish that make them dishonest and corrupted even after paid high.

Money is not everything. Its the passion and dedication in their work for which they are paid that makes us a billionaire. 


Who are rich or poor ?

Many people have a common conviction that people having rich lifestyle are miraculous balance in their bank account are considered rich and vice versa.

Truth is that the people who are open-minded and thinks very differently, honest to their work and have moral thoughts could be called rich and vice-versa.


Bad marriage system

In many parts of India, marriages takes place only during the night time. In that too, marriages are too long and tiring. Thus most of the guest just have dinner and go away to their home without attending the marriage ceremony ( for which they are actually invited ). No one even thinks that marriage comes once ( twice or thrice ) in life. If must be made special. This is a common problem in Hindu-Marriage System.


Fickle Minded people

Many conservatives people are very shrewd and fickle-minded. You tell them anything and they will blindly believe in them without thinking about it even once.
 Most of the Newspapers take undue advantage of this. They publish such thing in such a manner that people will even believe the irrelevant ideas. Thus they easily divide people into different categories based on views.


Religious views

Most of the Indian people are very religious. Instead of taking good advice from their religion they use it as a way to impose fear in people. They have faith in their religion but they also try to impose the same on the others.


Want Development but don't want to leave their culture or religion

Indian people are worst tied to their religion and culture. They surely want development but can't tolerate opposition to their culture. That is a major region why India is developing so slow.


Wants service at low cost

I think Indian people has never heard of a term called "Self-Service". They always need others to serve them. They will hire several servants if they are capable of. 

Everyone is born equal in this universe. We must not expect someone to do anything for us. Even if we make someone work for us we should pay them high. 

Shallow thinking Patterns

I think I don't need to explain this. This is a common problem in every Indian. A few of them is only broad-minded.


Success, Result at any cost

What's with Indian Dads ? They are ready to spend millions of rupees on their child's education even if they go in debt. This is not so that they care for their children but they expect profit in form of their children's income. Many people just think that Doctor, Engineer, IAS officer etc. is only way to get a better life though this thought is changing rapidly.

This is my hearty suggestion to such dads that everyone, ranging from a rickshaw puller to a Restaurant waiter to a artist, everyone is very necessary for building a nation. Could you even imagine a world with only doctors or only engineers or only IAS officer.


Always show respect to elders

Indian parents are very imposing towards their wards to respect their elders. Can anyone please tell me who we can call a "elder" ? One who has come to this earth earlier than me or one who is taller than me ?? Likewise speaking we should even respect and touch feet of 100 years old elephant.

As far as I believe we should not respect a elder but "elder's behavior". If you really like one elder's behavior then you should respect him and vice-versa.

Too much and irrelevant division of the society

Indian society is too much divided and irrelevant fights come up due to this no matter hoe much we say "Anekta me Ekta". Divided on the basis of gender, religion, caste, language and many more. 

Remember we first belong to this very world, then to Kingdom Animilia, then to Human Progeny, then to our country India and then to our respective religion, language or caste.


Do thousand good jobs no one will praise you

Go out to the street and clean your road. Count how many praised you and how many abused you. I bet 80 % will definitely abuse you including your family members.


And million more........

Please add in comments if I have missed something.


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