Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Negatives of Youth Population of India ?? Indian Youngsters

Today, after days of experimentation with Teens and Youths of India, here I present the negatives of Indian Youths. I am not mentioning the common points that many know such as addiction to drugs or use of foul language or common habits like smoking.

Remember this article is written keeping in mind about the negatives of boys while some of them are even applicable to girls. 

Insufficient Moral Values and annoying attitude


All of us know the common moral values to learn such as proper behavior or being disciplined. This is the foremost thing that the youths lack. Their behavior towards their elder is very bad. Their attitude is annoying. Most of them think no end of themselves. They are irresponsible.

Highly indisciplined


Being Funny is always appreciated in teens and youths till everyone could enjoy them. Problem arises when it is too indisciplinary to be enjoyed by everyone. Discipline is one of the important aspect that most youth lack. They have no control over what they speak or what they do. They take up notorious things even if they know that it is not a long-lasting fun.


Lack of Decision-making power 


Most of the teens and youths cannot take proper decision on their own. This is quite natural as they are in the stage of maturity. The problem is they even don't take advice of their elders before doing so. They try to take advice of their friends who are themselves not able to take accurate decision. Because of this most of them ruin their bright career or sometimes even their life.

Always want to attract more and more attention


As we grow, we get less attention from others than we got when we were small.Thus generally most of the teens doesn't get attention from anyone. The teens or youngsters who have attention-grabbing skills such as being good in academics or sports or art and recreation are well-off. But others try to get attention by exaggeration or doing something wrong that others would ironically appreciate.

Too much exaggeration


  This is the most common fault seen in youths. They love appreciating about themselves again and again and even ironically. Some of them exaggerates about their knowledge of bikes and cars or computers or their ability to play musical instrument or many others, though they won't even be the junior players of these fields. Some of them are engaged in appericiating themselves in their field of knowledge.


Try to show off


Another peculiar attitude of Teens and Youth is that they try to show off. Though this is seen in many women also, it is quite typical among youths. Some examples are : 
  1. Buying smartphones or even simple mobile phones or laptops or computers and not using them for their genuine purposes.
  2. Wearing modern fashionable dresses though they are itchy or uncomfortable.
  3. Use of bikes or cars even when it is not necessary.

Short-tempered. Always ready to take up fights


 Many of the youths are too short-tempered.  They are ever ready to take up fights. Believe me or not if they are with their friends they even can hit up a powerful official under slightest provocation.

Jealous of each other


 This is not seen in everyone but in quite a good numbers. They are jealous of each other only when their are under certain circumstances such as their friends or relatives getting better result in academics or being better in any fields. Sometimes this envy is so fierceful that they take up bad steps due to extreme frustration.

Affinity towards Facebook


If we have a glance to facebook user chart, we would realise that most of the accounts on facebook are of youths. Out of every 100 youth account on facebook 20-30 are of Indian youths. Many of the teens and youth are addicted to facebook. They don't even use this beautiful tool like facebook to get in touch with friends. They use it to show off. They even don't know many of the friends in their friend list. Making fun of someone has become common on Facebook.

Many of the company like Samsung are able to attract youths to buy their products by pushing facebook as a tool to their ads.

Its waste spending money to educate them


In India, primarily Parents pay a lot of attention to make their wards earn a degree. They spend over a million INR for this. But the government wants the youngsters to be educated enough to be active citizens of tomorrow. Thus the government spends over billions to set up colleges and university and hiring highly-qualified instructors. 

But they don't know the fact that they are watering cactus plant in a desert. The teens and youths are never going to take up what they are taught in schools. Some aspects are : 

  1. Schools teach children to be honest. But the youths are not even honest to themselves. It is commonly seen as piracy of major software and games just to satisfy their never ending wants.
  2. Youths are taught to save fuel or energy, they use bikes and cars as if they run on water.
  3. Discipline is taught to almost every kid. They are left limited to only school and not to everyday life.


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