Saturday, 8 December 2012

What are uses Maths? Benefits of Maths in daily life

 Many a people reading this page will believe there are no use of mathematics in daily life. But this subject has not involved to have no use, it has its application in almost all fields.

Math is simply logic and reasoning. Math is present in every day life and is being used even when people don't realize they are using mathematical reasoning. From balancing a checkbook, baking a cake or trying to choose which credit card offers the best deal, the logic of math is being used. 

Uses of Maths in Various Fields ??

  • We can never deny the use of Maths in Physics. It is a subject which uses Maths as a major tool for derivation of formulas and verification of laws.

  • In chemistry, it would have never been possible to calculate molar mass, derive structural formulas of various compounds or derive chemical constants without Some basic knowledge of Mathematics.

  • Though Maths is not extensively used in the field of Biology, yet it is necessary for formulating gene structure in a organism.

  • Programmer can never build proper algorithm until he/she has learn advanced Maths. Definitely Mathematics is necessary for building softwares or even for simple HTML coding.

  • We all know the use of Maths in Technology. Scientist & Engineers make use of Maths to succeed in their project, either it is to successfully launch a Space Craft to Designing a Building.  

  • Geologists and Geographers use Mathematics to find age of Rocks and calculate geo-locations.

  • Economists, Accounts, Businessman, Retailers and even buyers make use of Maths extensively to calculate net profit or loss, marketing strategy,  financial exchanges and business tactics. In Banks and other financial institutions, you are flooded with the uses of mathematics.

  • If I am not wrong, Maths is very necessary in Gambling !! I am sure that you can't bluff people until you have very strong maths.

  •  For outdoor games like football, hockey, baseball or cricket, Maths is necessary to calculate scores and game strategies. Also it opens our Mind to play new tricks in Chess.

Daily use of Maths


1. Basic maths help us to solve general mathematical problems in our lives. This includes simple addition & subtraction to finding price of a plot or house to keep account of money.

2. People who cook use math all the time. For example, Betsy has a recipe that calls for 1 cup of flour and one-half cup of milk. She wants to double the recipe; multiplication tells her she needs 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of milk. Or she may want to make a smaller portion, and she can use division to cut the recipe in half and use one-half cup flour and one-quarter cup milk. 

Most important use of Mathematics


I haven't yet told you the most important use of Maths. Maths sharpens your mind, increases your reasoning power and helps your mind be cheerful and more open. This is infact proven by researchers. The more the Maths you solve the more your reasoning power increases. You become more creative, curious and knowledgeable. Your mind sharpens and develops to be quick responsive, make better decisions and multi-tasking. No only this, you can also solve social and emotional issues with Maths !!

Now its you Turn, Go on and practice maths more and more.

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