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How to prepare for exams || Tips for preparation

Exams are essential part of life. All of us has to face exams in your life. It cannot be only limited to exams that we give with pen and paper. It could come to test us in any form. For instance, I would give you tips to easily face pen and paper exams. So, whenever I use the word exam it would mean pen and paper exam. Also I recommend you to take tips from any other site as well because I would definitely miss some key points necessary for exams.  

How to create Login with Facebook

It is quite simple for people for registering on your site using Login with facebook than to register, verify their Email ID and lot more entering their Details. Also almost all the web users have a Facebook account. So, it is highly recommended to mention Login with Facebook link on your website. The way of FB-login I will be using is server side login via PHP. It is very secure and widely used. Highly recommended for users receiving huge traffic. Difficulty : Medium . Prerequite Knowledge : Basic Knowledge of PHP 5 or higher. Method used : Server Side. Server side method is secure and does not give away any App id as client side script does. Highly recommended for websites receiving much traffic . To create login with Facebook link follow these steps :

Has changing lifestyle really brought misery to women ??

Changing lifestyle has led to crime against women. We can definitely see that women are harassed in public. They suffer from all the pains that the changing lifestyle has brought. Actually this is not completely so. I would be against this in this post.

Online Shopping - Advantages & Disadvantages - Best Online Shopping Websites

Online shopping is no more a very differentiated term for us now. It is a method of buying and selling of goods online. A more reliable term for it would be "Online Shopping". Starting with 10-20 online store, today there are several thousand store on Internet. Now consumers can buy several items from online stores. I facet, people can purchase just about anything from companies that provide their products online. Books, Jewellery, Electronics, Clothes, toys, software and health insurance can now be bought from online store.

Should we buy Chinese Products?

As you all know that China has emerged as the largest manufacturing market in the world. Almost all the electronics goods are manufactured in China. Even the largest MNC(Multinational Company) prefer to set up their plant in China. Why is it so? Should we buy Chinese goods?