Has changing lifestyle really brought misery to women ??

Changing lifestyle has led to crime against women. We can definitely see that women are harassed in public. They suffer from all the pains that the changing lifestyle has brought. Actually this is not completely so. I would be against this in this post.

To be against the motion I would like to first discuss what changing lifestyle has provided to women.

It has provided women with equal opportunity as men get. They are treated equally. Earlier there was so much discrimination on the basis of Gender. Women were not allowed to come out of the four walls of house. They were not educated. They remained unforgotten. But now they form an essential part of everyday life. Without them half of the world cannot run.

Women are now getting education. They are even sent to schools and higher collages for high-level education. Now we can see women working in every field from farming to industrial manufacturing to administrative services to defense. All these are brought up by the changing lifestyle.

Now consider a situation when lifestyle has not changed and women are still treated as they were treated in earlier times. Just imagine how much injustices that they have to suffer. It was far more than what today's situation is.

Now lets focus on the present situation. We see that women are still discriminated, harassed in Public places and lot more. But situation has changed a lot. It is not because of the changing lifestyle but because of weakness of women. They are still not ready to face the misery that has been brought up by changing lifestyle. They easily accepted what was in favor of them but they are unable to face what tortures them. This problem is peculiar among Indian women.


I would like to add some ways in which women can protect themselves. They should walk or go for outing in groups of 3 or more. They should not stay away from Public places. Further they should carry electrifying machines which could easily make harassing people senseless when used on them. They should not come out of the house alone during late night time.


So, I would like to encourage women to be strong, to be brave and courageous. When you all would be strong then only we will be able to build a strong nation.


  1. A nice topic to speak about. Very innovative and well thought. The writer has clearly made attampts to satisfy his points regarding the issue.


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