Should we buy Chinese Products?

As you all know that China has emerged as the largest manufacturing market in the world. Almost all the electronics goods are manufactured in China. Even the largest MNC(Multinational Company) prefer to set up their plant in China. Why is it so? Should we buy Chinese goods?

Why most of the MNCs prefer to get their goods manufactured in China?

China has a communist government instead of Democracy. Thus Chinese government has taken over all the Industries under it which is called Socialist economy commonly called Socialism.  All the labours working under the Industries are directly or indirectly under the government. Due to huge population and strugle for living and high skilled labourers who are fast helps large MNCs to set up their plant in China. The Chinese government also supports this. Most of the work is done by people of China and a few is done by children studying in school. They get education and work at the same time. Infact China has the best of world class labourers who work at low cost. Thus MNCs prefer to set up their Manufacturing Industries mainly in China and surrounding areas because it is very cost effective.

Almost all the electronics goods that you buy are manufactured are from China. Ranging from a small transistor to a Large - scale machine, Everything is made in China. If you don't believe, check the back side of a branded Television or Computer or Tablet. What do you find?

Why Chinese Products are of low quality ?

Since a large scale production take place, i.e a large amount of goods is produced in limited time, so Chinese products are of low quality as the more the production the lesser the quality. Also some of them are manufacured by children at the age of schooling which further detoriates their quality.

Should we buy Chinese Products ?

I would first be somewhat affirmative on the buying of Chinese products :

  1. Chinese products are generally of low cost since their manufacturing cost is low. Chinese made watches, phones and computers are of lower cost than those sold by big companies.
  2. The big companies, which produce goods under big brand names, not neccessary get their goods manufactured in other countries. It is possible that they also get their goods manufactured in China itself and then sell it under big brand names.
  3. Whenever a product, not necessarily chinese, is malfuctioning we simply exclaim " Its is Chinese so it is not working properly ". It is not necessary that the product is malfunctioning because it was not built properly, It could be that you were not able to properly use it that resulted in its malfunctioning. And it was atleast build by the Chinese and you were non-chinese so you not even able to repair it!

Now I discuss some of the negatives of buying Chinese goods : 

  • There is no guarantee on how long the product will last. It can be defective as soon as you buy it. Shopkeepers too don't put warranty on Chinese products.
  • As Chinese toys, phones, tablet etc. are of low cost, and partly due to liberalization, the local markets are not able to compete and forced to sell their quality products at exobirant prices.
  • The only country that gets benefitted is China itself. The buyers of other country suffer due to low quality of these products.

It all depends on on how carefully you use a product, if you use it very carefully then it is good for you to buy the Chinese products as you will be able to make it run long, but if you can't handle a product properly you should go for non-chinese products. Also while buying Chinese goods remember to check if the product collapses the local market or not. If it does don't buy those products at all.


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