Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Should we cheat in Exams ??

Cheating in exams is not a new phenomenon for us. It has been in existence for over 100 years. Only the way of cheating has only changed. Today I am going to discuss if cheating in Exams is good or not. As everything has its own pros and cons so this cheating phenomenon also has its own pros and cons.

Yes we should cheat in Exams


  • It helps the weaker ones to pass the exams. You or your friend might be weak in particular subject. He / She might be thus able to pass the exam by cheating. 

  • Our growing lifestyle has changed us a lot. It has increased competition for getting into a good college or job. Infact, it has increased competition for survival. So, if the weaker ones cheat and get themselves passed in exams, it will be useful for them. If they don't cheat, then their survival in competition will become tough.

  • Many students have certain pressure from their parents. So, they have a fear that if they fail they would be punished hard by their parents, so they are forced to cheat in exams. 

  • Cheating in exam is not a latest phenomenon. It has been in existence several years ago. 

  • Group cheating helps you to discuss the answers that are not known by many and thus helps to distribute the amount to be studied.

No we should not cheat in Exams

  • If you are caught cheating in exams then you may be given severe punishment. It could be minus marking to severe loss of a bright career. It may also result in spoiling up your own life.

  • You don't deserve the mark that you get. Cheating does not make you the true bearer of the mark you score no matter how less you cheat. Cheating is cheating, it is not more or less.

  • Cheating develops a sense of negative confidence in yourself. You would become confident of you passing the exam without even studying. This result in severe situation in higher level exams.

  • When you cheat by asking others, you disturb others in the examination hall. They are also not able to concentrate because of you asking him/her answers.

  • There is no guarantee the person telling you the answer is certainly right. He/She may even distract you by giving you a wrong answer.
  • Cheating does not make you Honest. Today you are cheating at smaller level, tomorrow you will cheat you work and day after tomorrow you will cheat yourself, your family, or your nation.

Cheating in exams is not either too bad. I think you may cheat but it must be in controlled level. You must limit the cheating level to only 5 % of the total marks, i.e if Maximum marks is 100, you should limit to only 5 marks. Also never use papars with answer written on them. Never try to cheat in board exams or other exams where there is serious chances of getting suspended. Also don't disturb others in exam room.

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