Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Show off - How people Show off ?

"Show off", I have experimented with this word so much that I think I can write a whole thesis on it but still can't decide what does it mean. You all reading this post know what Showing off mean. Today I am going to discuss some of the way in which people show off and proper solutions to them.

Unnecessary buying

No worry if AC will not be turned on throughout the year, it must be hanging on the wall of Drawing room. You have hired a Maid by paying him/her high but you still want to buy a Dish Washer.

Still I can't figure out why it is necessary to buy all the modern computers and gadgets if you just want to ultimately play games and waste time in messaging. This problem is very common among youths. They persuade their parents to buy them modern mobile phones and tablets just to show off in front of their friends. They don't know that the fun is just for 2 minutes and then the device is left forgotten for months. Specially the youths put on hair cream to designtheir hairs to impress girls. Some of them even do stunts on Bikes to impress others. This proves to be sometimes harmful. Some of them take alcoholic drinks to prove themselves unnecessarily.

Women are more suffering from "showing off". They will buy all kinds of face cream and cosmetics that challenges to make them fairer.

Show off on Facebook

Facebook built by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most powerful tool in world but people generally use it for showing off. They upload unnecessary pics to gain popularity. Nowadays Facebook apps help them to show off more. They post on their behalf such pics that are indirectly boastful.

Indirectly showing off

Sometimes people behave as if they are proud of doing something wrong. For example, a child can purposely fall on the ground and get injured to show his friends that how well he played and got injured even if he won't have kicked the soccer ball once.

Some people are hell good at boasting. They distract others attention one way or the other to them to get their attention on something that could be used to show off. For example, Some ladies when wearing expensive jewellery in parties are not getting attention from others, they try to attract other by talking about jewellery to get others  attention on her.

Unnecessary showing off skills even if you don't have

I have observed many people show off about their excellence in one field. They try to make others jealous of that skill they don't have. For example, it is common to observe a musician show off his/her skill of being good at music.

Some people, mostly youth, generally boast about a skill or their power even if they are not capable of. For example, one of my friend aged 13 bets to drive a bike, car and bus but when it comes to practical life he even don't know to balance a cycle. Some people boast

There are infinitely many ways in which people show off. Please mention more in comments

Results of Showing off

Frankly speaking I too show off a lot and observed that there is absolutely no results of showing off. It is unnecessary waste of time. The fun is only for few minutes to hour. For that you hurt yourself as well as force others to do the same thing as you do. Be frank to yourself. What you really have, that is useful, is worth more than boasting about what you don't have.

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