Top 7 reasons Why Dictatorship is better than Democracy

"Democracy is a government for the people, of the people and by the people."
                                                                                                              - Abraham Lincoln

Dictatorship is a rule by a dictator or monarch. Though Democracy is widely popular all around the world, I will give you seven reasons why dictatorship is better than democracy.


Top 7 reason why dictatorship is better than democracy :

1. The very first reason is definitely because Democracy always leads to Political instability. You can see most of the countries around the world running democracy have weak Political system. They are so weak that it appears very messy to run the government. Democracy involves competition among Political parties to win elections. As the number of Political parties rises it becomes more and more difficult to run the government even if the ruling party is not a coalition. Political Instability inhibits the development of a nation. This is a serious issue for developing nation. On the other hand Dictatorship eliminates the Political instability as only one ruler (or dictator) rules the country.

2. Democracy is not successful in removal of evil scam or corruption. Democracies often frustrate the needs of the people and often ignore the demands of a majority of its population. This routine tales of scams and corruption are enough to convince us that democracy is not free of this evil. At the same time, there is nothing to show that countries running dictatorship are less corrupt or more sensitive to people.

3. Democracy generally leads to poor growth of country's economy. If you consider all the democracies and all the non-democracies between 1950 and 2000, dictatorships have slightly better growth rate. Consider the case of China and USA. USA is a very old democracy which has achieved such economic growth in 200 years whereas China running a non-democratic government has achieved similar economic growth pattern in 60 years. The inability of democracy to provide higher economic rates worries economists all over the world.

4. Democracy are believed to reduce economic disparities between people. But it is not so. In democracies, we find a large number of ultra-rich enjoying highly dispropotionate share of wealth and incomes. Not only that, their share in total income of the country has been increasing; those on the bottom of the society has very less to depend upon. Their incomes have been declining. Sometimes they find it difficult to meet their basic needs of life, such as food, clothing, house, education and health. In actual life democracies doesn't seem to be very successful in reducing economic disparities.

5. Democracies often delay the decision-making process. In democracy a large number of people has to consulted in taking a particular decision. Hence huge amount of time is wasted in decision-making. Dictators however take quick decision leading to better time management.

6. In modern democracies, most of the political parties are not well-formed. They lack internal democracy. Dynastic succession is another challenge to Political parties. The growing money and muscle power among parties worries democrats all over the world. On the other hand, Dictatorship has no political parties, so they are better handled.

7. In democracies, struggles and movements by different communities is very common. This generally leads to widespread violence and destruction of public properties. Not much action could be taken by the government as it is the fundamental right of people to take out protests and movements to get their rights. On the other hand many struggles and movements are suppressed by the dictators avoiding widespread destruction.

It is better for a small country with less ethnic diversity to have dictatorial government because the country could be managed in much better way. 

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  1. this has helped me a lot.

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  3. Point number 3 and 4 are flawed.
    Reason for point 3: china may have been growing fast as you but when it comes to technology, US is a giant. US is nearly 100 years ahead of every developing country it is just that it doesn't let anyone know about it secret development. Let the 3rd world war begin and it would be clear to everyone what kind of destructive weapons US has.
    Point number 4: making 10 people work on 1 acre of land doesn't reduce disparities. It can only reduce your unemployment rate but there is no significant increase in real income.
    Per capita income proves my point.

    1. It doesn't reduce unemployment but increses unemployment

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