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Reforming Political Parties: How to make political parties better

Generally all the suggestions or proposals about overcoming various challenges to politics in democracy are called ‘democracy reform’ or ‘political reform’. I am not going to give here a list of desirable political reforms, for there cannot be any such list. If all the countries do not have the same challenges, it follows that everyone cannot follow the same recipe of political reforms. You cannot prescribe a procedure for car repair without knowing which model the car is, what the defect is and what tools are available, where the car has broken down, etc. Can we at least have a list of such reforms for a country in today’s context? We can develop some proposals for reforms at the national level. But the real challenge of reforms may not lie at the national level. Some of the crucial questions need to be thought at the State or local level. Besides, such a list may become irrelevant after some time. So, instead of that let us think of some broad guidelines that can be kept in mind wh

Why individual digits are read seperately after decimal point?

When we have to read a single whole number, say 2 , we simply read it as "two" . When we have to read three digit whole number, say 347, we read it as "three hundred and forty seven" . It is quite natural to ask why digits after decimal point are read individually. For example, 0.347 will be read as "zero point three four seven" and not as "zero point three hundred and forty seven".  The reason for this is quite simple. Let us understand this with the help of an example :

5 positive effects of European powers ruling colonies : India, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

At first it would appear that the big European powers such as France, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Holland and Germany in seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century have hampered the economic growth of major colonies like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal etc. But it is not entirely so. They might have come necessarily for rich natural resources available in these colonies, but at the same time they have definitely brought about several favorable changes. Some of them are listed below :