5 positive effects of European powers ruling colonies : India, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

At first it would appear that the big European powers such as France, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Holland and Germany in seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth century have hampered the economic growth of major colonies like India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal etc. But it is not entirely so. They might have come necessarily for rich natural resources available in these colonies, but at the same time they have definitely brought about several favorable changes. Some of them are listed below :


1. Economic Development of colonies

 The colonial countries were primarily ruled by primitive rulers. They didn't believe in much economic development of this regions. The foreigners had overthrown such rulers and continuously promoted economic growth. For example, We won't have been able to see vast network of railways if it weren't introduced by the Britishers in the 1850s. There won't have been any sign of today's megalopolises like Mumbai, Delhi, Karachi, Singapore etc. Industrialization was primarily possible only because of the Europeans where the technology was advancing rapidly.


2. Strengthening of political units

Most of the territories of Asian continent were divided into kingdoms each having their own autonomous rulers. These political units were brought together by the Foreigners. Later after independence, these autonomous territories came under one country. For example, Units of Pakistan, Empire of Genghis Khan, Sultana of South Empires,  Rajputana and Jats of Gujarat, Rajasthan were brought together to form United British India. Later after Independence, India emerged as a nation (apart from the formation of Pakistan).


3. Modernizing Colonies

There is no way that the foreigners couldn't be credited for modernizing colonies. Railways, Roadways, Bridges, towering buildings, infrastructure, Medical system were all introduced by the European powers. Even several universities and modern education system were too introduced by the Europeans. Several PWD were set up by the Europeans to promote public welfare. Modern agricultural practices like electrical irrigation, use of pesticides and HYV seeds were all introduced by the Europeans.


4. Removal of evil practices

Social evil practices were very common under the autonomous rulers. European were highly free of such practices because they have already achieved religious reformation in the 15th century. They introduced several changes for the removal of corrupt practices. For example, the Britishers removed Sati (Burning of a widow), Johar(practiced by Hindu women) and Hindu high class dominance on lower class and minority.


5. Promoted social equality

The Europeans chiefly promoted social equality. Though the Europeans used the policy of Divide and Rule. But it was because of the Europeans all the colonies came together as a united force to drive out the Europeans. So, the credit of promoting equality goes to the Europeans.

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  1. We are not free today even after independence... Under cluthes of corrupt politicians and we are migrating to developed countries...

  2. The colonization of these regions by the European powers are often depicted negatively in history books. You are right to point out that many good things came from it too.


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