6 reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is better than Avengers

Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises were the most popular movies of 2012.  Personally I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises more than Avengers. I am not a super hero fan. I am penning down my view on why The Dark Knight Rises was better than Avengers. This is just my personal view.

6 reasons why The dark knight rises is better than Avengers :

1. Plot : Of course The dark knight rises had a better plot. It had several sharp turnings in the story line. Moreover the storyline was even so complicated that it was necessary to watch the movie twice or thrice! On the other hand the plot of the Avengers was not so good; it seemed to be a  of some Super Hero movie in which 7 super heroes were put together.

2. Background score/Sound Mixing: Now, nobody can debate over the fact that The dark knight rises had better sound mixing. The background score was unique, adorable and dark itself. It matched with the theme of the movie.

3. No Super Hero : Not everyone likes Super heroic theme. The Dark Knight Rises had a single hero 'The Batman'; who was himself a normal human with no super powers. He was able to show his super heroic capabilities only in some of the scenes, rest of the time he was in hell. In Avengers, there were 7 super heroes, all with some or the other special powers above Human capabilities. All of them too were not equally treated, Iron Man was given major priority.

4. A great end to the trilogy : The Dark Knight Rises was definitely a great end to trilogy. Generally, the third movie of a trilogy is not too good. We can take examples of the Terminator 3 or The Matrix Revolution. In both these cases, their first movie was quite good but they got very poor reviews. On the other hand The dark knight rises was itself a huge critical success. When Avengers 3 would be released in near future, I bet that it would be the worst trilogy ever made. Hats off to Christopher Nolan. Exactly after 7 years I would be writing an article entitled "700 reasons why The dark knight rises was better than Avengers 3".

5. Better Director : Christopher Nolan is well-known for Inception, The Dark Knight, Prestige, Memento, Batman Begins and Insomnia. Most of these are rated as best movies of all time.  Nolan has created a series of unforgettable films over the past dozen years. Having such a great director to direct the movie is a result that cannot be ignored.

6. Better Performances : The dark knight rises had superb cast put together. It included the Oscar-nominee Gary Oldman (playing Jim Gordan) and Anne Hathaway (playing catwoman). The performances of Tom Hardy and Christian Bale was outstanding. There's no arguing with the fact that The Avengers offers up a strong cast - with Robert Downey Jr. as the best of the bunch. But many of the other actors composing the cast are younger performers who haven't established themselves as great actors quite yet - whereas the Christopher Nolan Batman films offer up one of the strongest casts ever in comic book movie.

What do you think? Which movie was better? Please mention in comments..


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