Why should not we conserve oil and gas?

"Why should not we conserve oil and gas?". You mean why should we right. Wrong! I would give you some points on why shouldn't we conserve petroleum.

This article is purely from debate point of view. So, readers are requested not to apply these facts in daily life.

Petroleum, a naturally occuring yellow-black liquid, recovered in oil drilling, is the most important feed to industries and automobiles. Oil is the cheapest and widely used feed for engines. Our present economy depends entirely on petroleum. Several economies in the world including that of India has suffered hampers just because of inefficiency in oil use. In such situation how can one think of conservation. If we conserve what would necessarily feed our vehicles and industries. India is the 4th largest user of oil and gas and the fact of conservation is not going to help it.

Uses of petroluem

 Oh uses! There are several uses of petroluem listed as under :

 1. Alkenes derived from petroluem is the important ingredient for plastic bags.

 2. In the manufacture of lubricants to reduce friction in driving parts.

3. It is also used in the manufacture of medicines. Hydrocarbons, one of the most important derivative of petroluem, is used  by chemists to manufacture life saving drugs.

 4. Aromatic petrochemicals are used for the manufacture of cosmetics, perfumes and deos.

 5. Wax, degergents, soap, phenyls and a tons of other useful stuffs are petroluem derivatives. How can one think of improving lifestyle without these stuffs?

 6. Agriculture infact depends upon petroluem. Huge needs of electricity for irrigation is compensated by diesel-driven generators. Also large scale production of fertilizers and pesticides is compensated by petroleum derivatives.

 7. The service sector of an economy also has huge oil needs. We need to drive transport system, personal cars (mostly for fashion), Railways, Subways, Aeroplanes all of which calls for large scale use of oil and gas. Currently from technological point of view, petrol and diesel are the most efficient and cheap furl to power our engines. Conservation won't power these machines. Rather use of oil would do. What we can really do is create fuel efficient engines, which is the current statergy. But, in plain english, we can't simply stop or lessen the use of oil and petroleum. This way we would be hampering our own economic growth and lifestyle.

 8. The oil and gas sector provides employment to a million people engaged in gas station, transport, refinery and management. If oil conservation is supported then we would be affecting these people.

 The developed countries like USA, UK, Australia, Arabian countries and many more are rich and powerful because they chose and promoted the use of oil and natural resources. So if they why can't we?


 The possible points of contradictions includes the environmental impact of petroluem use, large scale imports and its lasting.  I would contradict them one-by- one.

 The petroleum resources would last for 40 years more. Also the natural gas would take 6 decades more for exhaustion. On top of that there are several unexplored oil resources like the one on Alaska, Russia, North Brazil, South east Africa, parts of Rajasthan and Bay of Bengal. These resources would take several years to get exhausted even at an exponential rate. Moreover several alternative fuel like atomic fuel is used nowadays. So its not really the time yo worry about exhaustion.

 Okay granted that oil spills contaminate the environment during import. But don't you think this calls for better techniques of import rather oil conservation. In  the last 100 years of oil use, humans have only disposed 1% of harmful gases into atmosphere and the global temperature has risen only by 1 celcius. In the next 100 years it is easily expected that oil won't have a drastic impact on environment that couldn't be coped by nature.

 Many think thay large scale import of oil into economy is non-sustainable. But don't you think it is a sign of rapif economic growth and enriching lifestyle.

 Several new diseases have appeared because of the polluting oil but don't you think several cures have been created with the help of petro-medicines.

 Every coin has two faces. Think how the oil is necessary for the economy and lifestyle.


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