Why uniforms are necessary for schools?

A dictionary defines the concept of uniform as a dress of same material, style and colour worn by a group of people. Several schools around the world maintains a uniform just as a part of discipline. But many western schools do not.

 Getting back to the topic, there are several advantages of wearing uniforms:

  •  Uniforms create a sense of uniformity. Students in this case feel belonging to a common institution beyond their own caste, creed or religion. This becomes prior if the society is richly divided. Uniforms thus are great social equalizers and promotes better learning environment. 

  •  Schools are places of students of varying financial background; in absence of uniforms the richer students get an advantage of wearing expensive and fashionable clothes thereby developing prejudism. Having uniforms thus help in diminishing the bully that one may suffer as uniforms are much cheaper to avail thereby removing the opportunity to be judged by someone's dressing. 

  • Schools are meant for learning not for fashion. The students would take undue advantage spending lot of money to buy expensive and fashionable clothes and competing with their own friends. 

  •  Uniforms definitely helps in eliminating the wastage of time in the morning. In absence of uniform, we need to choose what to wear but if we have uniforms we can directly put them on and go for school. 

  •  Last but not the least, Uniforms are much discipline approach to studies and heps to maintain serious school environment. Uniforms thus foster a sense of school environment.

 If a school maintains uniform, it does not mean it could be wore in any way the students want. Schools never allow fashions in uniforms. It must be maintained in a proper way.


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