Why Modi's government would be a failure?

Narendra Modi has been one of the most influential leader of all time. He has been a maseha for severals promising development and growth. But the question is "Will Modi deliver what is promised by him and his Bharatiya Janata Party?"

This article would explain some key areas where Modi Sarkar(Government) would fail.

1. No real development to HDI : Gujurat has shown large-scale development under Modi's rule. But there doesn't seems to have any significant impact on Human development Index (HDI). HDI is an economic barometer set up by United Nation Organisation (UN) to test for prosperity of people living in a state or nation. Bottomline, Gujurat developmental plans focused on building roads, industries, infrastructure but there has been no significant impact over lives of people. Poverty, illiteracy, malnourishment still persists in this state. Economist question how would this developmental model have an impact on India's Human Development.

2. Gujurat's developmental plan: Is is applicable to the whole country? : Every state is not Gujurat. This is the most popular line spoken by a opposition leader. And I must say they are correct. Modi's developmental model is no way key to development of all states especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Either the local politicians or the corrupt beureaucrats or missing patriotism and self identity would always cause an hindrance.

3. Corruption is the hidden face of BJP and NDA: After the 2002 Gujurat's violence, Narendra Modi has worked tirelessly to win back his name and fame. He has proved himself to be a powerful leader of present times. But the question is "Will his party be free from corruption?". A survey by Satyameva Jayate and Nielsons team revealed thay 38% of BJP workers have criminal cases pending against them. This is approximately double of Congress numbers. Modi wave has swept the country free of several corrupts. But this wave itself established several corrupt politician as Members of Parliament. Modi's cabinet is itself believed to be deeply corrupted.

4. Missing Opposition: BJP secured 272+ seats alone in the Lok Sabha elections. Along with NDA it has 330+ seats. Congress who was believed to play the role of principal opposition has been able to secure 44 seats. Now there is no real oppostion in Lok Sabha. The BJP members would be able to pass whatever bill that goes in their favour and won't pass bills that go against them. This is a mark of missing democracy and clear dictatorship.

5. RSS + BJP + NDA = Only Hindu Development. Not only Muslims, the followers of Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. would be excluded from developmental plans.

This article doesn't straight forwardly criticises Modi's government. It is just an indication on where could his government fail to deliver. If Modi promises "Acche din" or the "Good times" then he must deliver. I wish All the very best to the Modi Sarkar.

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