CBSE grace marking : A curse for me

In all the post till date, I have never criticized CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) but today I am forced to do so when an unjust happened to me. I love the way life teaches us lesson. Till you don't fall you don't realise where you stand.

Disclaimer: I still respect the CBSE board for the hardwork they do for us. I am just telling you what happened to me.

So I was a student of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. I started my studies in this school in 2013. Joined the Science stream opting for economics as my Fifth subject. I have a record of being in the top of my class in academics. Ofcourse there were some tests in which I lagged behind but in most of them I was among the toppers of school. I got 90% in Class 11. So tough job done. I am not exaggerating. If you need proofs just mention in the comment section.

Now CBSE declared the Class 12 board exam result on 25th May 2015. And the results gave me a nightmare.

Let me give you a detailed explanation of what really happened.

The first CBSE board exam was English. I was 15 minutes late to the exam (thanks to the traffic and the man who showed me the wrong path to the examination centre). The exam was lengthy. So I missed about 4 marks in writing. I was very upset over the fact that I would be getting only 91 or 92 (Yes that feeling comes to you if you have such a great records in school).

Next exam was Physics. The paper was very tough and lengthy. But I learned from my mistakes in English. I managed the time and I did very well in Physics. I might have barely missed some point. All my friends were crying over the difficulty. I thought I will be 'recovering' my English marks in Physics exam.

Next was Chemistry. Easy for everyone. Next came the furious Maths. Well surprisingly CBSE has set a tough Maths paper this time. The questions were really difficult. But again I did really well. I expected perfect 100 in Maths. And my closest competitor was crying and said "I won't even get 85". Ofcourse I was not happy. I wanted a competition. But I didn't wanted to hunt my competitor or laugh at his failure. But Yes my English marks were surely now recovered.

Next were economics and physical education which went fine.

Now let me tell you the result. I got 86 in English and 95 in Maths. When I saw my score, I was like 'if I got that much in Maths then what about others'. To my surprise my competitor has got 97 in Maths and the ones who claimed to fail in Maths and Physics got above 80. Most of my friends got 95 in Physics and economics.

I was like 'Oh god! Why?'. I had came to know that CBSE has awarded much grace marks to all the students who performed poorly in Physics and Mathematics. I was very hurt with this decision. Not because I was jealous of others. But because I am no more a topper. When many of my friends who said 'Kya yaar tum toh har jagah top karega' (Man you would be a topper everywhere), they were all now ahead of me. And I was the one who lagged behind. One of my friend expected 50 in Maths and got 86. Another 92. All my hard work done seemed to be completely undone.

And in economics every guy has got 95 even me. I wasted my time learning up the graphs, undertanding the theories and everything and the result is: everyone got 95 in economics. Such an unjust it seemed to me.

After they got 80+ in Maths, they were like 'Aare mere toh maths acha gya tha..kaun bola mera 50 aayega?' ('I had done really well in Maths. Who said i will be getting 50')
Summarizing it was my mistake that I performed poorly in English. But the unjustified grace marking in Maths and Physics may now cost me my career.

Anyway. All I can do is to use RTI and claim for Economics and English. That was all my story of CBSE board result. As they always say 'It is not the end of life'. They can only take away my marks but they can never take away my brilliancy. Tomorrow would be the day when we will get engineers who don't even know a simple Integration. Beware of such engineers.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I faced the same fate friend. And very well said

  2. It is very common moment for some students in cbse result

  3. Awesome Post Friend. i like this article and i bookmarked your page buddy. Give me more information like this article.

    1. Ab ye bara aadmi ho gyaa hai. ab bas hack-a-bit karwata hai.. blog nhi likhta .. aur mircrosoft me job karta hai

  4. Loved your article. I wonder how are you performing in college?

    1. He is placed in Microsoft and is the most brilliant minds in colle.. quite literally!

    2. Hum likh rahe the.. tum kyun likhe.. cheater

    3. Abhi hack-a-bit bhi karwaya..


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