Saturday, 20 June 2015

Adsense Pin Approval : An Alternative method

I have been one of many who have suffered from Adsense pin approval problem. Adsense is an ad publishing program by Google. It is the among the largest Ad publishing companies on Internet. Getting an approved adsense account is itself a challenging job.

Adsense asks you to verify your address after you reach the minimum threshold of $10. For this it sends a PIN using an ordinary post. Adsense is headquartered at USA, so people outside USA generally suffer problems of non-delivery of PIN.

Adsense gives you three chances to verify your address. If your first PIN never reaches you, you may request for a new PIN after about 4 weeks. If still the PIN doesn't reach you then you may request again and for the final time. If it again fails then you may follow the following steps :

  • Wait for about 4 weeks after requesting the third pin. Go to your Post Office which delivers you your mail. If still you are unable to get your PIN then request manually. It is important to make a manual request only after 4 weeks of request of third PIN.
  • The link for the manual request for verification would be available in your adsense account once you requested for the third PIN. 
  • After clicking on the link, adsense will ask you your name, publisher ID and documents to upload to get your address verified. I would suggest you documents that clearly show your name, date of birth and address. Following documents are acceptable : 
  1. Passport + latest telephone bill (Recommended)
  2. Passport + latest electricity bill (Recommended)
  3. Government ID card (like Aadhar Card in India) (Recommended)
           Documents like your employment card, credit card bills, private company card, library card or            school card are not recommended. Try to use those documents which are government                          approved.
  • Once you upload your documents, just sit back and wait. Once your documents are verified you would automatically get a confirmation message on your email ID.
I made a request for the third pin on 8th May and uploaded the documents on 6th June (more than 4 weeks after the third pin request). I got the confirmation message within 4 hours. Your may take longer. 

Here is the confirmation message I received : 


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